AKC BRONZE GCH CSG UKC CCH GRCH 'PR' Cedar Creek's Tellin Secrets

*** Whisper is OFA health tested. Hips; FAIR, Elbows; NORMAL, Eyes; NORMAL, Heart; NORMAL ***

UKC CCH CH 'PR' Cedar Creek's Causin Trouble

*** Rowdy is OFA health tested. Hips; GOOD, Elbows; NORMAL, Heart; NORMAL, Eyes; NORMAL ***

Rowdy is also a very nice representative of the breed. She is a bit bigger boned than her sister and has more rear angulation. She is put together very well with an amazing topline. She has taken more time to mature and is starting to come around better than ever. She has a very pretty fluent gait.

She is an extremely gritty girl on game!


- Rowdy is AKC conformation & bench pointed.


Pedigree is listed under the "photo" section of this site.




Andy & Rowdy, 2014.

UKC CCH CH 'PR' Cedar Creek Blue Moon Rising (deceased)

Andy is the mother of my two girls Whisper and Rowdy. She is a very big houndy type, great bone structure and she is just massive all around. She has consistently produced pups with good conformation and hard tree dogs. Andy herself is a very independent hunter, hard tree dog, and gets the job done. She will go as deep as she needs to. 


Andy's pedigree can be found in the "photo" section of this site.

Andy, August 2013

AKC CH CCH UKC CCH GRCH 'PR' Razor Ridge Enduring Justice

*** Judge is OFA health tested. Hips; GOOD, Elbows; NORMAL, Heart; NORMAL, Eyes; NORMAL ***

Judge is very easy going, probably the calmest of all the dogs I have. He loves to please people and is a very goofy boy.

- He is one win away from his AKC bench Grand Championship.

Whisper is a beautiful bitch that represents the breed very well. She has a stunning head, traditonal sharp markings, good ear length, and a tight eye. Whisper has a nice level topline and tight feet. She is very eye catching and has lovely expression.


- Whisper finished 2012 as the #7 Bluetick in the nation.

- Whisper also made the 2012 AKC Eukanuba National Championship Honor Roll

- Whisper won a GROUP 3 at the Cascade Hound Specialty June 15 '13

- Whisper made AKC bench grand champion

- Whisper made the 2013 AKC Eukanuba National Championship Honor Roll

- Oct 26th '13, Whisper became AKC conformation Grand Champion.

- Whisper finished 2013 as the #4 Bluetick in the nation.

- Invited to the 2014 Westminster.

- Whisper finished 2014 as the #2 Bluetick in the nation and #3 All Breed.

-  July 18th '14, Whisper became Supreme Grand Champion

- May '15, Whisper earned her Bronze Level Grand Championship being the 4th Bluetick to do so.


Whisper has several AKC Best of Breed wins, a group 3 win, as well as several breed wins and Best Female of Show wins at AKC bench shows.

Pedigree is listed under the "photo" section of this site.

Whisper & Reign

3rd place in tree contest, April '13.