Ice and Andy

'PR' Cedar Creek Silver Moon aka Silver

'PR' Cedar Creek Rogue Outlaw aka Rogue

Andy, Bert, & Ice

Andy and Silver

'PR' Cedar Creek Rogue Outlaw aka Rogue was turning into a great coon dog, he had loads of potential. At about 8 months old he was in a hunting accident and broke his pelvis. After he healed and went back to hunting he started having exercise induced seizures due to the lack of blood flow to his liver, it was caused by the accident.

A friend of mine had him neutered and he was placed into a pet home.

'PR' Cedar Creek Silver Moon aka Silver was with me until about 6 months old. I originally planned on showing her and coon hunt with her. She ended up not turning out the way I hoped to make it in the show ring and had no interest in coons AT ALL.

I believe she is somewhere in Canada and has been doing great on Cougar and Bobcat.

Ice is a Plott x Walker, I had her for about 4-5 years until she tore her ACL and could no longer keep up with the rest of the dogs out hunting.

She is currently living with family and is a very happy guard dog.

Bert was a Treeing Walker Coonhound, but I believe he wasn't purebred. I got him as a rescue and he was very fear aggressive, he was eventually put down due to old age.